One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 5

March brings us 4 new books

To start the month, we continue through Numbers and we’re quickly introduced to Psalms. Then we read through Deuteronomy and Joshua, before starting Judges at month’s end.

As before, I suggest you copy, paste, and print this table for easy reference for your reading each day.

Friday, March 1Numbers 14-15, Psalms 90-91
Saturday, March 2Numbers 16-18
Sunday, March 3Numbers 19-20
Monday, March 4Numbers 21
Tuesday, March 5Numbers 22-24
Wednesday, March 6Numbers 25
Thursday, March 7Numbers 26-27
Friday, March 8Numbers 28-30
Saturday, March 9Numbers 31-33
Sunday, March 10Numbers 34-36
Monday, March 11Deuteronomy 1-3
Tuesday, March 12Deuteronomy 4-6
Wednesday, March 13Deuteronomy 7-8
Thursday, March 14Deuteronomy 9-11
Friday, March 15Deuteronomy 12-13
Saturday, March 16Deuteronomy 14-15
Sunday, March 17Deuteronomy 16-18
Monday, March 18Deuteronomy 19-20
Tuesday, March 19Deuteronomy 21-23
Wednesday, March 20Deuteronomy 24-26
Thursday, March 21Deuteronomy 27-30
Friday, March 22Deuteronomy 31-34
Saturday, March 23Joshua 1-5
Sunday, March 24Joshua 6-8
Monday, March 25Joshua 9-12
Tuesday, March 26Joshua 13-14
Wednesday, March 27Joshua 15-19
Thursday, March 28Joshua 20-21
Friday, March 29Joshua 22-24
Saturday, March 30Judges 1-3
Sunday, March 31Judges 4-5

I’ll post links to The Bible Project videos the day before each new book starts and subscribers get The Bible Project Posters and my outlines emailed to them as each new book comes up in the schedule.

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