One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 5

March brings us 4 new books

To start the month, we continue through Numbers and we’re quickly introduced to Psalms. Then we read through Deuteronomy and Joshua, before starting Judges at month’s end.

As before, I suggest you copy, paste, and print this table for easy reference for your reading each day.

Friday, March 1Numbers 14-15, Psalms 90-91
Saturday, March 2Numbers 16-18
Sunday, March 3Numbers 19-20
Monday, March 4Numbers 21
Tuesday, March 5Numbers 22-24
Wednesday, March 6Numbers 25
Thursday, March 7Numbers 26-27
Friday, March 8Numbers 28-30
Saturday, March 9Numbers 31-33
Sunday, March 10Numbers 34-36
Monday, March 11Deuteronomy 1-3
Tuesday, March 12Deuteronomy 4-6
Wednesday, March 13Deuteronomy 7-8
Thursday, March 14Deuteronomy 9-11
Friday, March 15Deuteronomy 12-13
Saturday, March 16Deuteronomy 14-15
Sunday, March 17Deuteronomy 16-18
Monday, March 18Deuteronomy 19-20
Tuesday, March 19Deuteronomy 21-23
Wednesday, March 20Deuteronomy 24-26
Thursday, March 21Deuteronomy 27-30
Friday, March 22Deuteronomy 31-34
Saturday, March 23Joshua 1-5
Sunday, March 24Joshua 6-8
Monday, March 25Joshua 9-12
Tuesday, March 26Joshua 13-14
Wednesday, March 27Joshua 15-19
Thursday, March 28Joshua 20-21
Friday, March 29Joshua 22-24
Saturday, March 30Judges 1-3
Sunday, March 31Judges 4-5

I’ll post links to The Bible Project videos the day before each new book starts and subscribers get The Bible Project Posters and my outlines emailed to them as each new book comes up in the schedule.

One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 4

It pleases me so that you’re still with me, reading God’s word on the daily. It’s okay if you haven’t been keeping up or if you’ve skipped days here and there. The important thing is that you come back. Always come back. It’s food for your spirit.

Now, with this post, I’m switching things up just a tiny bit by posting the schedule for the whole month, so I strongly recommend taking a screenshot, bookmarking, or copying, pasting, and printing this out for easier reference each day. Or you could subscribe to my posts and have the whole year’s plan emailed to you in a printable .pdf format. Also, subscribers get other goodies, like my book outlines…

February 1Exodus 4-7
February 2Exodus 8-9
February 3Exodus 10-12
February 4Exodus 13-14
February 5Exodus 15-18
February 6Exodus 19-23
February 7Exodus 24-25
February 8Exodus 26-27
February 9Exodus 28-29
February 10Exodus 30-32
February 11Exodus 33-34
February 12Exodus 35-37
February 13Exodus 38-40
February 14Leviticus 1-3
February 15Leviticus 4-7
February 16Leviticus 8-10
February 17Leviticus 11-13
February 18Leviticus 14-15
February 19Leviticus 16-17
February 20Leviticus 18-22
February 21Leviticus 23-24
February 22Leviticus 25-26
February 23Leviticus 27
February 24Numbers 1-2
February 25Numbers 3-4
February 26Numbers 5-7
February 27Numbers 8-10
February 28Numbers 11-13

Since you’ll start reading Exodus tomorrow, I’ve included links to The Bible Project’s Exodus videos. Though there are four videos altogether, they’re only 5-7 minutes long, so watching all of them will take less than 20 minutes and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. I sure do.

Praying that you’ll Trust HIS love all ways always,

© 2019 Wendi Wilkins

One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 3

This schedule takes you to the end of January and this week we take a detour from Genesis to read the book of Job. Please watch the two videos on the book of Job (linked below the schedule); they’re so informative and I find them fascinating, I hope you do too.

January 13Genesis 35-36
January 14Genesis 37-38
January 15Job 1-3
January 16Job 4-8
January 17Job 9-14
January 18Job 15-18
January 19Job 19-21
January 20Job 22-25
January 21Job 26-28
January 22Job 29-31
January 23Job 32-34
January 24Job 35-37
January 25Job 38-41
January 26Job 42
January 27Genesis 39-41
January 28Genesis 42-44
January 29Genesis 45-47
January 30Genesis 48-50
January 31Exodus 1-3

I haven’t seen any other chronological Bible reading plans that place Job in the same spot I have it in. It seems there are two popular places for it chronologically. The most popular is sometime after Genesis, and even after the Pentateuch (which is the first five books of the Bible). The second most popular is within Genesis, most often after the Tower of Babel dispersion. My main reason for placing Job’s story just before Joseph’s enslavement is because it appears that Job is a contemporary of one of Esau’s sons (Eliphaz). That puts Joseph, being one of Esau’s nephews, in the same generation as Job. Now, I think Job’s story actually happened alongside the latter part of Joseph’s story, but I didn’t want to interrupt Joseph’s story or inaccurately place it after Joseph’s story, so I thought it best to put it after the Judah and Tamar Interlude. I hope this is helpful for you.

The Answers in Genesis article linked below makes a good argument for what the creature behemoth, that God describes in Job 40-41, probably was.

So as not to overwhelm you, I’ll wait a couple weeks before I post links to The Bible Project’s videos of the book of Exodus. Subscribers will get the Exodus Outline at that time, as well.

Praying that you’ll Trust HIS love all ways always,

© 2019 Wendi Wilkins