Obadiah, Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah

We’re reading one book a day for four days! Practically a marathon, haha! These books of the Bible are rich in context despite their shortness. Enjoy!

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/obadiah/ (4 min. 59 secs)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/ezra-nehemiah/ (8:37) We start Nehemiah on Monday the 23rd, but it’s included with Ezra because that’s how The Bible Project presents it.

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/haggai/ (5:37)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/zechariah/ (8:11)

Next week I’ll post Esther and Malachi which will finish off this month as well as what’s commonly known as the Old Testament. October’s reading schedule will be a separate post at the end of this month and it’ll be presented just like I’ve done in previous months. In the email subscribers get, I’ll have all the readings set up to flow smoothly, so if you’d like to get the daily emails, subscribe now.

I’ll be back next week!

One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 11

We start reading Ezekiel tomorrow, so that video is linked below and, if you’re a subscriber, you got the outline and poster yesterday, so you’re set! September starts on Monday so, as you can see, that schedule follows the video link and you’re set there, too!

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/ezekiel/ (Part 1 is 7 min., 24 secs and Part 2 is 7:13)

Sunday, September 1Ezekiel 4-7
Monday, September 2Ezekiel 8-11
Tuesday, September 3Ezekiel 12-14
Wednesday, September 4Ezekiel 15-17
Thursday, September 5Ezekiel 18-19
Friday, September 6Ezekiel 20-23
Saturday, September 7Ezekiel 24-25
Sunday, September 8Ezekiel 26-28
Monday, September 9Ezekiel 29-32
Tuesday, September 10Ezekiel 33-36
Wednesday, September 11Ezekiel 37-39
Thursday, September 12Ezekiel 40-43
Friday, September 13Ezekiel 44-46
Saturday, September 14Ezekiel 47-48
Sunday, September 15Obadiah
Monday, September 16Ezra 1-4, Psalm 137
Tuesday, September 17Ezra 5, Haggai 1-2
Wednesday, September 18Zechariah 1-7
Thursday, September 19Zechariah 8-14
Friday, September 20Ezra 6, Esther 1-5
Saturday, September 21Esther 6-10
Sunday, September 22Ezra 7-10
Monday, September 23Nehemiah 1-3
Tuesday, September 24Nehemiah 4-6
Wednesday, September 25Nehemiah 7
Thursday, September 26Nehemiah 8-10
Friday, September 27Nehemiah 11-12
Saturday, September 28Nehemiah 13
Sunday, September 29Psalm 126
Monday, September 30Malachi 1-4

We start reading the gospels on October 1st! In reading the gospels chronologically, there’s so much flipping around which tends to distract you from the story. I want your daily readings to flow as smoothly as possible so that your understanding is optimized! Starting October 1st, I’ll send out a daily email to my subscribers which will have a link to that entire day’s reading at BibleGateway dot com where you can read it in your preferred translation. The email will also have the full text of that day’s reading in the World English Bible (WEB) translation because it’s not copyrighted. For instance, October 1st will look like this:

October 1: John 1:1-14, Luke 1:1-2:7. Click on that link (or copy and paste it into your browser/search bar and choose the BibleGateway result). Let me know if the link didn’t work, so I can get it fixed before I start emailing them daily, please. And following the link will be the full texts of each reading just as they’re listed in the link. Subscribe today so you can get your daily gospel reading email!

Daniel and Joel

As I’ve read through the Bible, chronologically, every year since August 2008 I’ve suspected patterns and themes, but haven’t ever nailed them down with any certainty and when I found The Bible Project videos, I raised a hallelujah to God for their work. I love the way they show how the book of Daniel is designed. It makes so much sense to me and adds so much to the reading of it. It lays out the patterns I’ve long suspected and tells me that it wasn’t just my imagination seeing something that wasn’t there. It’s all intentional and brilliant! Just like God, right?

And they explain the book of Joel so clearly and simply.

That said, below are the links to the videos and I’ll be back next week with Ezekiel’s video and September’s reading schedule.

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/daniel/ (8 min., 54 secs)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/joel/ (6:48)

May God bless you in your reading and I’m…