As You Open Your New Calendar…

…open your Bible to the first chapter.

As promised, here is the beginning of your “One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan.” There’ll be so much more to it than the schedule of readings that I’ll list, but the readings are the most important, so I’ll start you with weekly schedules and evolve from there as needs arise.

My weeks run Sunday – Saturday, but since the year starts on Tuesday, this first week runs Tuesday – Saturday. On Sunday, January 6, the next week’s schedule will be up. We start in the book of beginnings, Genesis.

Tuesday, January 1Gen 1-3
Wednesday, January 2Gen 4-5
Thrusday, January 3Gen 6-9
Friday, January 4Gen 10-11
Saturday, January 5Gen 12-14

I suggest you copy and paste this table to print for easy reference. Place it inside the pages of your Bible, so it’s handy when you’re curled up with your Bible ready to read. Subscribers get a .pdf of the whole year’s schedule, so I also suggest subscribing. 🙂

Also, subscribers get outlines of each book of the Bible as they pop up in the reading plan. These outlines guide you through the events of each book and give you a reference point to understand what’s going on. The outlines were created by mixing the outlines from The NKJV Study Bible, the opinions of a personally-known theologian, and these videos from The Bible Project – (which I highly recommend you watch).

Praying that you’ll Trust HIS love all ways always,

© 2019 Wendi Wilkins

True Story

In the beginning was real Love, consisting of complete understanding, great power, and flawless wisdom. Love created all things that were created and Love gives life. Because true love is outwardly focused, Love desired an object for His love, so Love made a human – unlike anything else He created – to partake in, and of, the unbroken, eternal relationship that exists between the three persons of the One God, Who is Love.

Love gave this human purpose, direction, and choice so this human would live in the true love and eternal life he was created for. But this first human, Adam, didn’t choose Love. He chose to believe the lie instead of Love. He chose self, which is the opposite of Love. Adam broke his flawless relationship with God, thus separating himself, and all humankind after him, from this perfect relationship with God and from the perfect creation.

Humankind and the rest of creation were then subjected to futility, corruption, and death; but because of Love, they were subjected in HOPE. Generation after generation, humankind continues this cycle of futility by choosing self rather than Love, while Love longs for that eternal relationship. This HOPE that Love provides is the restoration of the eternal relationship that we are powerless to restore.

Our only HOPE is in choosing to believe Love did this. That belief gives you the righteousness of Christ and reconciles your being back into the eternal relationship Love created you for.

The heart of Love wants your story to merge back into His everlasting story. The choice is all yours. He’s done all He can do to get you back.

(If you’re interested in the scripture references this story is built on, I’ll gladly send you the list!)

© 2011 Wendi Wilkins