Daniel and Joel

As I’ve read through the Bible, chronologically, every year since August 2008 I’ve suspected patterns and themes, but haven’t ever nailed them down with any certainty and when I found The Bible Project videos, I raised a hallelujah to Elohim for their work. I love the way they show how the book of Daniel is designed. It makes so much sense to me and adds so much to the reading of it. It lays out the patterns I’ve long suspected and tells me that it wasn’t just my imagination seeing something that wasn’t there. It’s all intentional and brilliant! Just like Elohim, right?

And they explain the book of Joel so clearly and simply.

That said, below are the links to the videos and I’ll be back next week with Ezekiel’s video.

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/daniel/ (8 min., 54 secs)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/joel/ (6:48)

May Elohim bless you in your reading and I’m…

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