Passover Advent Gospels!

Today marks 40 days before Passover begins, so today is a great day to start reading through the Gospels chronologically. I’ve developed a reading schedule that will take you through the Gospel, in the order of event and, by starting this reading plan today, will coincide with the start of Passover and the Resurrection.

Yahusha was raised from the grave 4 days after Passover began, so this year, 2023, this reading plan coincides with Resurrection Day, which churches all over the world “celebrate” as Easter Sunday. Next year, and most years, it doesn’t work out that way. For instance, in 2024, Easter is 3 weeks BEFORE Passover starts.

We finish reading the Gospels this year on Monday 10 April.

I’m always excited to read through the gospels as a story leading up to the Resurrection – the GOOD NEWS! My prayer is that the Ruach will use this reading plan in a powerful way!

To get a printable version of the Chronological Gospel Reading Plan, simply subscribe to TrustHISlove dot com in the “Subscribe” box in the right margin and your Reading Plan will be emailed to you.

Looking forward to celebrating the eternal life we have because of His Resurrection!

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