Daniel and Joel

As I’ve read through the Bible, chronologically, every year since August 2008 I’ve suspected patterns and themes, but haven’t ever nailed them down with any certainty and when I found The Bible Project videos, I raised a hallelujah to God for their work. I love the way they show how the book of Daniel is designed. It makes so much sense to me and adds so much to the reading of it. It lays out the patterns I’ve long suspected and tells me that it wasn’t just my imagination seeing something that wasn’t there. It’s all intentional and brilliant! Just like God, right?

And they explain the book of Joel so clearly and simply.

That said, below are the links to the videos and I’ll be back next week with Ezekiel’s video and September’s reading schedule.

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/daniel/ (8 min., 54 secs)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/joel/ (6:48)

May God bless you in your reading and I’m…

Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah

We’ll read all three of these books in the span of just 4 days next week! And then the very next week we conclude the month with Daniel, Joel, and Ezekiel. Now that subscribers have the outline and the posters to go with these videos, here are the links:

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/lamentations/ (7 minutes, 17 seconds long)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/habakkuk/ (6:49)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/zephaniah/ (5:10)

Enjoy the stories and I’ll be back next week with Daniel and Joel!

One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 10

I’ve really packed it into this post, but we’ll start with August’s reading schedule. August is the “month of many books” because we read something from 12 different books of the Bible in the next 31 days. And of those 12, 8 are new this month. Wowza!

Thursday, August 1Isaiah 59-62
Friday, August 2Isaiah 63-66
Saturday, August 3Nahum 1-3
Sunday, August 42 Kings 21-23:34
Monday, August 52 Chronicles 33-36:4
Tuesday, August 6Jeremiah 1:1-4:4
Wednesday, August 7Jeremiah 4:5-7:34
Thursday, August 8Jeremiah 8-10
Friday, August 9Jeremiah 11-13
Saturday, August 10Jeremiah 14-16
Sunday, August 11Jeremiah 17-20
Monday, August 12Jeremiah 21-24
Tuesday, August 13Jeremiah 25
Wednesday, August 14Jeremiah 26-29
Thursday, August 15Jeremiah 30-33
Friday, August 16Jeremiah 34-39
Saturday, August 17Jeremiah 40-45, Psalms 74, 79
Sunday, August 18Jeremiah 46-50
Monday, August 19Jeremiah 51-52
Tuesday, August 20Lamentations 1-3
Wednesday, August 21Lamentations 4-5
Thursday, August 22Habakkuk 1-3
Friday, August 23Zepheniah 1-3
Saturday, August 242 Kings 23:35-24:20, 2 Chronicles 36:5-36:14
Sunday, August 25Daniel 1, Joel 1-3
Monday, August 262 Kings 25, 2 Chronicles 36:15-23
Tuesday, August 27Daniel 2-3
Wednesday, August 28Daniel 4-6
Thursday, August 29Daniel 7-9
Friday, August 30Daniel 10-12
Saturday, August 31Ezekiel 1-3

In looking at that schedule, you’ll see that Nahum comes up on the 3rd with Jeremiah following on the 6th, so those two videos are linked below for your viewing pleasure:

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/nahum/ (5 min., 7 secs)

https://thebibleproject.com/explore/jeremiah/ (7 min., 15 secs)

And of course, subscribers got the posters and outlines emailed to them yesterday. Get yours – subscribe now!