Trust HIS love details how and why I choose to trust Elohim’s love. It documents how I understand Elohim and how He makes Himself known to me through His word, His world, and His war. Trust HIS love allows me the opportunity to exercise the gifts He’s given me. Here are my experiences, my connections, and my beliefs as they relate to Elohim. My prayer for you, dear reader, is that you’ll see how you too can always Trust HIS love all ways.

Trust HIS love is set up in 3s, which is the way I see things. When I was very young, I remember being asked what my favorite number was and, without thinking, I blurted out “3!” At that point, I started thinking about it and wondering why I said “3,” which opened my eyes to the patterns of 3 all around me. And now you’ll probably start seeing things in 3s. When I started loving Elohim, I saw the Originator of patterns of 3 – the Trinity – and I realized that that was the Who, What, and Why behind my declaration of 3 being my favorite number even way back then. I might have even been 3 at the time of that declaration. 😊

Being made in Elohim’s image, we’re also a trinity – a body, a ruach, and a soul. Our body lives, our ruach moves, and our soul is; hence, I’ve named the three distinct parts of Trust HIS love, “Live,” “Move,” and “Being.” “Live” is where you’ll find posts related to the physical world (matter). “Move” is where you’ll find posts related to the ruach (the unseen). And “Being” is where you’ll find posts related to the soul (being). I hope that helps you navigate my site and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Hello (at) TrustHISlove (dot) com.