This week we take a detour from Genesis to read the book of Job. Please watch the two videos on the book of Job; they’re so informative and I find them fascinating, I hope you do too.

I haven’t seen any other chronological Bible reading plans that place Job in the same spot I have it in. It seems there are two popular places for it chronologically. The most popular is sometime after Genesis or even after the Pentateuch (which is the first five books of the Bible). The second most popular place is within Genesis but after the Tower of Babel dispersion. My main reason for placing Job’s story just before Joseph’s enslavement is because it appears that Job is a contemporary of one of Esau’s sons (Eliphaz). That puts Joseph, being one of Esau’s nephews, in the same generation as Job. Now, I think Job’s story actually happened alongside the latter part of Joseph’s story, but I didn’t want to interrupt Joseph’s story or inaccurately place it after Joseph’s story, so I thought it best to put it after the Judah and Tamar Interlude. I hope this is helpful to you.

The creature behemoth, that Elohim describes in Job 40 was not a dinosaur as some “ministries” teach. I know this because dinosaurs didn’t exist. Dinosaurs are a product of the “Big Bang / Heliocentric / Evolution” model espoused by so-called science. To be honest, I’m not sure what beast Elohim is referring to as “Behemoth.” However, I’m certain Leviathan, in Job 41, is a dragon.

So as not to overwhelm you, I’ll wait a couple weeks before I post links to The Bible Project’s videos of the book of Exodus. Subscribers will get the Exodus Outline at that time, as well.

Praying that you’ll Trust HIS love all ways always,

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