One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Part 3

This schedule takes you to the end of January and this week we take a detour from Genesis to read the book of Job. Please watch the two videos on the book of Job (linked below the schedule); they’re so informative and I find them fascinating, I hope you do too.

Sunday, January 13Genesis 35-36
Monday, January 14Genesis 37-38
Tuesday, January 15Job 1-3
Wednesday, January 16Job 4-8
Thursday, January 17Job 9-14
Friday, January 18Job 15-18
Saturday, January 19Job 19-21
Sunday, January 20Job 22-25
Monday, January 21Job 26-28
Tuesday, January 22Job 29-31
Wednesday, January 23Job 32-34
Thursday, January 24Job 35-37
Friday, January 25Job 38-41
Saturday, January 26Job 42
Sunday, January 27Genesis 39-41
Monday, January 28Genesis 42-44
Tuesday, January 29Genesis 45-47
Wednesday, January 30Genesis 48-50
Thursday, January 31Exodus 1-3

I haven’t seen any other chronological Bible reading plans that place Job in the same spot I have it in. It seems there are two popular places for it chronologically. The most popular is sometime after Genesis, and even after the Pentateuch (which is the first five books of the Bible). The second most popular is within Genesis, most often after the Tower of Babel dispersion. My main reason for placing Job’s story just before Joseph’s enslavement is because it appears that Job is a contemporary of one of Esau’s sons (Eliphaz). That puts Joseph, being one of Esau’s nephews, in the same generation as Job. Now, I think Job’s story actually happened alongside the latter part of Joseph’s story, but I didn’t want to interrupt Joseph’s story or inaccurately place it after Joseph’s story, so I thought it best to put it after the Judah and Tamar Interlude. I hope this is helpful for you.

The Answers in Genesis article linked below makes a good argument for what the creature behemoth, that God describes in Job 40-41, probably was.

So as not to overwhelm you, I’ll wait a couple weeks before I post links to The Bible Project’s videos of the book of Exodus. Subscribers will get the Exodus Outline at that time, as well.

Til we meet again…

© 2019 Wendi Wilkins

One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan, Week 2

I hope you’ve been enjoying reading your Bible this year! I certainly have. I always love filling my soul with the Word of God and I’m so glad to have your company this year in that.

For those of you who’ve subscribed, you’ve received the .pdf of the whole year’s reading plan along with the Genesis outline, which also follows the reading plan. And as He has in my world, I know God will use these tools for your good in your world too.

Here’s the next part of your reading plan, which starts tomorrow. Again, I suggest you copy and paste this onto a printable document so you can keep it with your Bible. For the week of January 6 – January 12:

Sunday, January 6Genesis 15-17
Monday, January 7Genesis 18-22
Tuesday, January 8Genesis 23-25
Wednesday, January 9Genesis 26
Thursday, January 10Genesis 27-28
Friday, January 11Genesis 29-31
Saturday, January 12Genesis 32-34

May you be blessed in your commitment to engage with God via His Word.

Til we meet again…

© 2019 Wendi Wilkins

As You Open Your New Calendar…

…open your Bible to the first chapter.

As promised, here is the beginning of your “One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan.” There’ll be so much more to it than the schedule of readings that I’ll list, but the readings are the most important, so I’ll start you with weekly schedules and evolve from there as needs arise.

My weeks run Sunday – Saturday, but since the year starts on Tuesday, this first week runs Tuesday – Saturday. On Sunday, January 6, the next week’s schedule will be up. We start in the book of beginnings, Genesis.

Tuesday, January 1Gen 1-3
Wednesday, January 2Gen 4-5
Thrusday, January 3Gen 6-9
Friday, January 4Gen 10-11
Saturday, January 5Gen 12-14

I suggest you copy and paste this table to print for easy reference. Place it inside the pages of your Bible, so it’s handy when you’re curled up with your Bible ready to read. Subscribers get a .pdf of the whole year’s schedule, so I also suggest subscribing. 🙂

Also, subscribers get outlines of each book of the Bible as they pop up in the reading plan. These outlines guide you through the events of each book and give you a reference point to understand what’s going on. The outlines were created by mixing the outlines from The NKJV Study Bible, the opinions of a personally-known theologian, and these videos from The Bible Project – (which I highly recommend you watch).

Til we meet again…

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